What You May Not Know About Your Insurance

Not sure what you'll pay at Premier Urgent Care? Here we explain insurance deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, and more!

What You May Not Know About Your Insurance

A question we are often asked over the phone is, “How much is an office visit?” The short answer is that most urgent care visits cost about $130, compared to emergency room visits, which are often well over $1,000. The more specific answer varies widely, depending on your insurance plan. If you are unsure as to what exactly your plan covers, we recommend calling the number on the back of your card and asking some specific questions about your benefits. The following are some of the factors we consider, in determining your amount due.

1.       Do you have a deductible to meet?

·         If you have not met your deductible, you will owe the full cost of your visit. The cost of the office visit is due prior to seeing a practitioner. Any injections, labs, x-rays, or other procedures will be an additional cost when your visit is completed.

·         If you have met your deductible, or if you do not have a deductible, next consider co-pay or co-insurance.

2.       Do you have a co-pay?

·         Most co-pays range from $8 to $50. A common misconception is that if you have a co-pay listed on your insurance card, that is all you will owe. Remember that if you have deductible remaining, you will owe that first.

3.       Do you have co-insurance?

·         Some plans list a co-insurance amount, which is typically 20% of the total cost. Your insurance pays 80 percent, and you pay 20 percent.

·         In some cases, you will owe a co-pay for the office visit, plus co-insurance or even full price for labs, injections, etc.

As you can see, many factors play into the cost of your visit. We do our very best with the information and time we have available to determine your amount due. We recommend that you review the EOB (Explanation of Benefits) that you should receive in the mail from your insurance company following your visit. If you have any questions regarding discrepancies between your charge and your EOB, we would be happy to speak with you and make any necessary corrections.

What about Medicaid?

We accept AR Kids for children 18 and under. If your child needs to be seen during regular business hours, you must first call your child’s primary care provider to make an appointment. If the doctor is unable to make you an appointment, please ask if he/she would be willing to send a referral to Premier Urgent Care. Without a referral from your child’s PCP, we cannot file a visit under AR Kids, but we can still see your child if you’re willing to self-pay. On Monday-Friday 5pm-8pm, Saturday 8am-8pm, and Sunday 12pm-4pm, we can see your child without a PCP referral.


Don’t forget we also have self-pay options. If you do not have insurance or would prefer that we do not file your insurance, we would be happy to see you as a self-pay patient. Office visits start at $105 for new, self-pay patients.